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Walter and Chris Kirby
430 Keysburg Road
Adams, Tennessee

El Paso, Texas
November 16, 2006

Walter and Chris,

I know I am not the first to return something to you (Rock) from the Bell Witch Cave. Back in June of 2000, during our tour of the cave, our guide had told of others whom had blamed their " bad luck" on the curse of the Bell Witch because they had taken a rock from the cave. We expressly told our children and friends that had gone with us that day NOT to even pick up a rock, as it was not our property to take and, "What if the curse were true?" But as you can see one of our children (daughter who thinks she knows everything....) Without our knowledge...(until months later..) Indeed took a rock from the cave. After her punishment and restriction sentence was handed down, we asked her why she had taken the rock, "What about "DO NOT" did she NOT understand ? She said it was because she wanted to see if the curse were really true, and she was going to test it. She said the rock looked like an old witches finger with warts all over it, and figured if the curse were true, surely that would be the rock to test it. (You have to admit she was right about the resemblance of the rock and a witch's finger). Well obviously, the curse did happen upon her as she had " bad luck" with being punished as she was, she will attest to that.

Over the years the rock was put aside with the intent of returning it personally on our next trip to the cave. However, my husband is in the Military, and during our moves and time passing the rock was forgotten, thus never making it back to it origin.

Now, after that long explanation of how the rock came to be in our possession.....Let me tell you the REAL reason it is now being returned to you after all this time. I mentioned my husband is in the Military, The very morning he was preparing to deploy to Iraq, he came to me and said, "I need you to do something for me, and I know this may sound funny, but please just do it for me anyway ok?" and he handed me the rock and said "Remember this rock Heather (our daughter) took from the Bell Witch Cave ? Well I want you to mail it back for me, I know it probably sounds weird, but ya never know........Better safe than sorry" And I promised I would.

Now when anyone asks me, "Do you remember the last thing your husband said before he went to Iraq, I'm going to laugh and say " Yes I do actually...he said "send this rock back to the Bell Witch" It will be a funny story to tell for years, along with all his "War" stories.

Our hopes after retirement from the Army (in 2011) is to again return to Kentucky to spend the rest of our days, and to once again visit the Cave and the Cabin, and enjoy your wonderful hospitality, BUT this time you can be assured NOTHING from the property will accompany us home, unless it is bought and paid for. Well except for a memory or two, and by the way.......Thanks for the memory.....

In hopes of seeing you soon. God Bless and keep you safe.


Per Request of SGT (Mac)

enclosures: 1 Bell Witch Cave Rock (Cursed?) "RETURNED"

P.S. Could you drop us a quick note to let us know you received and returned the rock to the cave. I will forward it on to my husband "Sgt. Mac" in Iraq in hopes of easing his mind. ;) It will put a smile on the face of many soldiers in Iraq, guaranteed!

Thank you ever so much.

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